[ #Office365 ] Delve first impressions

2014-09-09 14_19_39-Microsoft Releases Office Delve, A Personalized Search Interface
Here are my first impressions on Delve !
First how do we get access to Delve ?
Since yesterday and the annonce on the Office Blog : A milestone for Office Delve, the Delve tool is  being rolled out to Office 365 customer. The first served (:-) ) being those who have elected to “first release” program (more details here)
image image

In English :image

The Delve menu may be hidden. You have then to click on the ellipsis :
And then what is going on when you click on Delve ?
You then get access to a home page with tiles or cards. Each card corresponding to a document.


A typical card has always the same structure :


You can see (from top to bottom) :

  • who made the last modification to the document
  • the title
  • the first sentences of the doc
  • a snapshot of a slide
  • the document type
  • a link to the place where the doc is stored
  • a letter to send a link to the doc
  • 2 heads to access sharing options
  • and finally the number of view

Please note here that the supported documents types at this time are : PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Delve helps you find the most relevants *documents* for the current time or given a specific search.You can change the scope of the search by choosing among the predefined views :

  • Home
  • My work
  • Shared with me

You can also choose to target a specific person among those under People. The search will automatically be narrowed down to the documents you share with this person.



A search on “sharepoint” keyword returns to me documents with this keyword but also another person (here Gokan Ozcifci) with whom I exchanged documents with this keyword :
As stated in the official announcement “A milestone for Office Delve”,

Delve knows what’s relevant to you based on insights delivered through Office Graph, which uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to map the relationships between people, content, and activity.

Office Graph currently incorporates content and signals from email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Yammer.  Over the coming months we will continue to integrate signals and content sources, such as email attachments, OneNote and Lync.

This statement is usually misinterpreted and for example Yammer conversations or emails content are *not* displayed in Dvelve results. They are only used as signals.

In fact only *online* documents stored in Office 365 (OneDrive for Business and SharePoint libraries) are used as content source for Dwelve right now.

We can also notice that Delve is running from a SharePoint personal site URL and as such it is like hosted in the SharePoint My Site :


So to change language setting for Delve you have to go to SharePoint profileimage
We can also access the Delve settings using the top right menu :
We can this way deactivate Delve :
This interface is the first way to access the underlying Office Graph information. You can already access to this from a smartphone but more native experience on phones, tablets or with a Win 8 app can be expected.


A french version of this post is available here : [ #Office365 ] Delve first impressions / Premières impressions sur Delve Flag_of_France


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