[ #Office365 ] Custom theming arrived to my tenant lastly

As announced on Office Blog the 2014-09-02 the custom theming is rolling out on Office 365 tenants. But it took some time !

As far as Delve was concerned see my first review here) it took less that 24 hours to arrive on my tenant. For this new option, it took 16 days to arrive. So everybody must be patient when looking for a new option in their tenant.


So there are two levels of customisation :

  1. At the tenant level (administrator rights required here)
  2. At the user level

First at the tenant level :

You first have to go to the admin console : “Admin / Office 365” image
Then click on the name of your Tenant/organisation, on the top right image

You now have a new option “Custom theming” :


I was then able to define the following parameters :

image  image

The top nav bar of Office 365 is now branded with the logo and color of my company :


Notice the “powered by Office 365 after your logo, versus standard Office 365 logo in a non customized tenant :

image  image

This new theme is then supposed to be applied on the whole suite (with the exception of Yammer which still keep it’s own theming mecanism at this time). Here for example, Outlook Web access :


However, several minutes after the change in Office 365  admin console, it was still not applied to my sharepoint online sites, so I suppose we have to wait a little bit here also !


This tenant setting is applied to all users as shown on this test user environnement :


So let see at the user level :

Each user has also now the capability to overwrite the tenant settings by clicking :


Settings / Change Theme
(here form the admin portal)
But this menu can be different depending where you are in the suite. Here are in the order

  • the Outlook WA version,
  • the calendar version,
  • the People version,
  • the OneDrive version,
  • the site (and My Site) version and
  • the Delve version
  • the Power BI version (from another tenant)
image image image image
image image
Please also note that this option is not available in a standard SharePoint team site. The “change the look” menu bring us to the standard theming engine of SharePoint. image image
For exemple in Outlook Web App you arrive just here. The theme is changed as soon as you click on a square. image SNAGHTML9e5284SNAGHTML9f32a3
If you are acessing the menu from the Admin pages the page is slightly different image

I have noticed two or three strange or disturbing things.

SNAGHTMLde4212First the Outlook/Calendar/People/Tasks pages have a different theme than OneDrive/Sites/Delve/Power Bi (and SharePoint sites have also their own theme, and Yammer as well ! ). So we have in fact four themes !

  • One for Outlook/calendar/people/ Tasks/ PowerBI/ Delve (in pink below)
  • One for OneDrive/Sites page/ Admin pages / My site
  • One for Yammer
  • One (or several depending on themes) for SharePoint Online sites


This situation can be well understood from a technical point of view (some tools coming from Outlook , others from SharePoint My Site) it will be obviously a challenge  (at least) to explain this to standard users.

SNAGHTMLdeede2 There is no option to desactivate user theming at this time.

SNAGHTMLe00bf5 For a reason that I have not yet identified the theme is sometimes  applied only as a solid color, not as the picture





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