#SPSJE Back home

It was a great pleasure to meet last Saturday colleagues and local customers for the Channel Island first ever SharePoint Saturday.


Organisation was perfect,  weather was sunny and we had great time with other members of the community !

It was great to meet live experts from UK, US, Belgium and France : @AndrewWoody @baddaz  @BenAhm @cimares @Francoissouryi  @GokanOzcifci @MattHughesWork  @Nigle_Price @SPAsipe @SPDoctor @sympmarc @ThomasVochten      #spsje

With special thanks to organizers : @gusfraser & @m_macrae

Here are some souvenirs !

As far as my sessions are concerned, I presented with @spasipe the following Yammer session where we demoed the whole Yammer interface (and believe me or not there are a lot to show, with several tricks we just discovered preparing this session)

But I had also the opportunity to replace an ill speaker with @GokanOzcifci  and @spasipe on a topic I am confident on :

What every SharePoint Consultant should know about SQL Server Optimisation

What I presented in this session can be summarized on the cheat sheet I presented :

More details on each point can be seen on the following presentation (in french only at this time) : JSS2013 Session SharePoint pour le DBA SQL

Long live to this event ! 😉


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