#Yammer, #Office365, #SharePoint : hybrid architectures yes but to do what ?

You will find here the slidedeck here :

And the recording there : http://vimeo.com/112153927


Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint : hybrid architectures yes but to do what? // Patrick Guimonet  from Office 365 UK User Group on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “#Yammer, #Office365, #SharePoint : hybrid architectures yes but to do what ?

  1. First of all, thanks by the presentation, it´s really interesting to get a good perspective about what you can do with hybrid architectures.

    I only wanted to ask you something about Disaster Recovery approach. When you talk about “Cold type recovery environment” you say that you need to switch on VM some times for updating, patching and so on.

    In an event I was here in Spain maybe one month ago, it seemed me to hear something about using of Azure site recovery service to schedule automatic copies from your production VM to your Disaster Recovery VM. In this case, it wouldn’t be necessary to switch on VM, this service will work for us, would it? What do you think about that? if I´m right, I think that it makes this approach much more interesting to get a cheaper way to put the disaster recovery in cloud.

    Thanks again, it´s always a pleasure to read your post.

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