[ #Office365 ] Mobile Landscape…

As mobile devices are days after days becoming more ubiquitous, for example see below the striking graph published by The Economist on January 3rd 2015 in the article “The future of Work : there is an app for that”,


and as Microsoft strategy is clearly oriented toward “Mobile First, Cloud First”, interestingly enough Mobile being the first First ;-),


Mobile landscape for Office 365 deserve more attention than it usually gets !

Let’s first start by some excellent pages on the documentation.

image A great site to start on this topic is : Products.office.com/mobileYou will find there a first description on the apps available on the major platforms.

Microsoft is adressing this market by targeting :

  • the 3 major OS (in the order of Market shares) : Android, iOS and Windows Phone (for historical reasons Surface RT, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian OS are still adressed partially)
  • and 5 platforms : iPhone and iPad (for iOS), Windows Phone phones, Phones and tablets on Android.

As far as Excel, Word and PowerPoint beta are concerned, an Android tablet is a device with a 7-10.1″ screen (for more onthis go to the Google + community on this)


However this first look is fairly incomplete so here is my own summary :


After being more clear on what app is available on what platform, we can then see how different mobile devices work with Office 365.The documentation page for that is here :
Compare how different mobile devices work with Office 365

Here is my summary :


To get more infos on MDM for Office 365 you can go there : [ TechEd Europe 2014 ] Listening notes for OFC-B330 – Mobile Device Management Office 365

To see some of these apps live in a demo, you can go there : [ TechEd Europe 2014 ] Listening notes for OFC-B212 – Collaborating in the Cloud and across Devices with Office 365

The following logical step is to setup the mobile device to use Office 365 for Business :

image Set up a mobile device using Office 365 for business
From there you can open the instructions for the chosen platform.
For example, here is how to Set up mobile apps for Office 365 for Business on an Android image

We are now ready to tests all these apps !


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