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After describing the whole Office 365 mobile landscape,and the iOS apps galaxy, I would like here to give some more details on the Android set of apps, related to Office 365.


Unlike iOS, there is a clear distinction between Android phones and Android tablets.

The most remarkable distinction being that you now have Word, Excel and PowerPoint available on Android tablets while you only have access to Office Mobile on Android phones.

For the 3 main Office apps to be available on your device, you need :

  • A screen bigger than 7 inches and smaller 10.1 inches (above this size an Office 365 account is requested to create and edit documents)
  • Android version 4.4.x (KitKat) or above
  • An ARM processor
  • 1GB of RAM or more

This point set aside, we have a rich apps set that can be seen there : Microsoft apps as seen in Google Play


Cover art

It is interesting to notice that after all the new announces of the later months have been published first on iOS, the latest apps updated apps Office 365 Admin has been updated first on Android (and only after, about one week later, on iOS), so really Android is a mobile platform of choice for Microsoft.Cover art

Cover art

Almost all mobile apps from Microsoft are there, and certainly the most visible.

As said before Word for Tablet, Excel for Tablet, and PowerPoint for Tablet apps on Android are targeting only the tablets platforms, and have hence the words “for Tablet” added after their names :

image image image

Screenshot_2015-01-02-20-13-24 Screenshot_2015-01-24-20-31-11 Screenshot_2015-04-05-10-19-54

Here a first idea of memory footprint of the apps :


Cover art

On Android phone, you don’t have access to a modern version of Office (yet ?) but you still have access to Office Mobile (which was created a the time of Office 2010) which is not as rich in terms of features as the newest Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Screenshot_2015-04-04-18-35-03 Screenshot_2015-04-04-18-37-48 Screenshot_2015-04-04-19-10-37 Screenshot_2015-04-04-20-10-44 Screenshot_2015-04-04-20-11-13

Cover art

imageOneNote is fully operational on Android and similar to what we can found on other platforms

Office Lens preview is the last addition to the suite of apps targeting the end-users. Il transforms your phone into a portable scanner. It can convert any photo to PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents.

Screenshot_2015-04-05-08-33-36 Screenshot_2015-04-05-08-35-36

Cover artCover artMicrosoft has launched Microsoft Outlook Preview which will provide an even richer interaction with email on the platform. It will at the end replace the previous OWA for Android app, when it will have all the capabilities the later app has, like for example viewing RMS protected mail or Encrypted email.

Screenshot_2015-04-05-08-48-02 Screenshot_2015-03-29-23-49-57 Screenshot_2015-04-05-09-18-00 Screenshot_2015-04-05-09-18-36 Screenshot_2015-04-05-09-34-15

Cover art

Cover art

At this time you still have two more apps in this area:  O365 Message Encryption Viewer and RMS Sharing.

Office 365 OME allows email users to send and receive encrypted messages, where RMS Sharing allows you to securely collaborate with others. You can view protected files that others have shared with you. You can also take pictures or choose one from your camera roll, protect and share them with your coworkers and friends.

As this is the case now for the 3 main mobile platform supported by Microsoft, we have one OneDrive app, able to connect at the same time to :

      • one OneDrive personal space (the service dedicated to personal  Cloud storage, accessible via Outlook.com) and to
      • several OneDrive for Business spaces (the business offering, part of Office 365).


Cover artAs on all the other platforms, the browser is platform specific and it’s here Android Browser (by default on older versions) and Chrome for Android (on newest versions). In Android Browser you will get access to light version of Outlook Web App (see below). You can also get access to application dashboard (see below). The best usages for it are, to my mind, accessing Delve and the Admin Center of Office 365. Il you want an optimal mobile browser experience you can install Chrome where the support of Office 365 site is much better.

Screenshot_2015-04-04-17-50-11 Screenshot_2015-04-04-17-52-47  Screenshot_2015-04-04-18-06-46 Screenshot_2015-04-04-18-07-01

Cover art

Cover art

As far as Social interactions and Communications are concerned, you can also find a great set of tools here with:

A marked absence is SharePoint NewsFeed which which is not provided by Microsoft as on Windows Phone and iOS. However, a thid party offering is there to close the gap ! 😉Cover art

Cover art

Cover art

Last but not least, the set of admin apps are also fully complete with :

  • Office 365 admin (to always have access to the services status on the go)
  • Partner Admin for Office 365 (to manage partner options in Office 365)
  • ICover artnCover arttune Company Portal (to search, browse and install apps made available to you by your organization)
  • My Apps (which provides single sign-on to cloud applications using a single user account hosted in Windows Azure Active Directory).

image Screenshot_2015-04-04-20-12-36

Here are to conclude my full icons sets on my Android phone and my Android tablet :

Screenshot_2015-04-04-20-37-30 image


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