[ #Office365 ] More on the Video Portal…

imageThe Office 365 Video Portal was introduced last november and I already wrote 3 articles on this topic in this blog:

Last Thursday, via a post on Office.com blog Office 365 Video begins worldwide rollout and gets mobile, the global rollout of this offering was announced.

It’s a good occasion to put the stress on new capabilities that make this part of Office 365 even more attractive than it was 6 months ago.

  • Videos have been integrated deeply in Delve via the video cards. So you are able to create video boards for example :


  • An awaited HTML 5 player has been released (this is in addition to the original Flash player released last November). It allows to access the videos from any devices (phone, tablet, and PC), in a responsive way.

Office 365 Video begins worldwide rollout and gets mobile 2

Here is a simple of how responsive design looks like in IE11:


image  image

Here is the experience you can expect on each platform:image

More details on What kind of information will I find in Office Delve?

Please also note that my first tests on Spartan were unsuccessful. The player doesn’t launch.

Which is even better they announced that after making the individual video player page responsive, they will “shortly after” make the whole portal fully responsive ! Clignement d'œil

  • imageA new iOS app dedicated to view and upload the videos is available right now on the App Store. Here are some screenshots :

clip_image002 imageimage



You can easily upload videos with the app:


And they will quickly be available in the portal: Sourire


Among other improvements since first release time, we should also notice:

  • the addition of an extra permission level : we now have (like “standard” SharePoint) Owners, Editors and Viewers


  • Videos are now backed by CDN (Content Delivery Network) across the globe
  • Share via email is now available for each video

image image

Please also remember that Office 365 Video is available at this time on E1, E3 and E4 subscriptions plans (A2, A3 and A4 also) but not on Business SKUs.

Last but not least, you should also remember that all the videos are stored in the Team Sites part of SharePoint Online and count in the quota calculated by the formula 10 GB + 500 MB per user. You can expect this to change in the near future as it appears in the Office 365 Roadmap, in development state, that the formula will in the future be 1 TB + 500 MB per user!

image   Page Banner


In this improvement is also planned the support of up to 10 GB files, which is great for video files!


That’s already great improvements and great job done by @mkashman team!


To know more on this, you can follow the corresponding sessions at MS Ignite:


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