[ #SharePoint 2016 ] [ #Office365 ] yOS platform new birth at MS Ignite !

Last February, Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management Team, shared the Microsoft vision on the evolution of SharePoint and the related products in Office 365.

SharePoint has already a long story of evolutions from the simple content collaboration solution it was originally. She used the term “experiences” to outline the new functionalities or even universes that were added to the product like “portals, search, BI, ECM”. But whatever functionalities that were added to SharePoint what make it an invaluable product is that it still provides the same management layer and an extensible framework to set up a tailor-made solution to customers.

“Experiences, management and extensibility became the core aspects of what people love about SharePoint.”


And these three aspects will remain central both within SharePoint Server and across Office 365.

The Cloud gives Microsoft ways to provide a cohesive, fully integrated solution and also ways to deliver new experiences faster than ever before.


1°) Regarding SharePoint on-premises, Microsoft recognizes that many customers will continue to run their business on-premises. So they will provide much more ways to access innovation provided in the Cloud, from an on-premises platform, in a hybrid way.

In a Sharepoint Server 2016 update published April, 16th Steh Patton, Senior Director of product management for the SharePoint team stated that SharePoint Server 2016 will become generally available in Q2 2016 with a public beta planned for Q4 2015. He also unveils the three major areas of enhancements for this release:

  • Experiences
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance and reporting

SharePoint Server 2016 Update 1

As far as user experiences are concerned, the area of improvements announced are:

  • Improved mobile access across devices and screen sizes
  • Extensions to hybrid search to get access to the Office graph (which will remain in Office 365)
  • Hybrid access to Office 365 video portal

As far as Infrastructure is concerned, a “Cloud-inspired” infrastructure is promised:

  • “SharePoint 2016 is the first on-premises server release representative of our experience running SharePoint at scale in Office 365”, said Steth Patton.

As far as Compliance and reporting are concerned, DLP (Data Loss Protection) is key. SharePoint 2016 will provide:

  • Enriched capabilities regarding sensitive information
  • News scenarios to enable data encryption
  • Compliance tools for hybrid scenarios.


2°) Regarding Office 365 (including Yammer and SharePoint online), Microsoft will continue to deliver here new, targeted experiences. As already stated by Mark Kashman some time ago, Office 365 will be the heart of innovation. So that’s where we can expect to see new experiences.

  • New ‘ready-to-go’ Portals called NextGen Portals will come and will be natively intelligent (by leveraging Office Graph), social (leveraging Yammer), mobile and “ready-to-go
  • Team sites that will be enhanced to support a holistic experience including email, IM, tasks, contact, files, social feeds and more!
  • Files are the domain of OneDrive that will be updated to have a single sync engine;
  • Search is leveraging Office Graph to go beyond traditional enterprise search. Delve is the first way to reach predictive search capabilities.
  • Social will evolve from a standalone newsfeed to an immersive experience across Office 365
  • BI is also embracing the “ready-to-go” vision and the new version of Power BI allow to build solution in minutes.

So there is a lot of ameliorations announced here and it can be well summarized in the following table :


And for the platform too :


Great directions have been revealed now, so we will have to wait MS Ignite for details on all of these topics!


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