[ #Office365 ] More on groups…

Since their introduction back in November 2014, Office 365 Groups have already been enhanced with several new additional capabilities:

1°) You now have a Notebook associated to the group which allows you to share notes related to the group and its project



by clicking on “Notebook” you get access to the group notebook :



So the components of Office 365 Groups can be summarized via the following schema:





2°) The “like” option have also been added to each message send to the group:



But the most important added functionalities are, according to me,


3°) The integration of groups to the Outlook 2016 so that you will be able to use all the features directly from the PC Client and will not need to go to the browser.





4°) Yammer will also be part of Office 365 groups as announced in this blog post.




If you want it the documentation on Groups is here: Find help about groups in Office 365



All this show how important groups are in Office 365 and for such we will learn more on the future in the following sessions at MS Ignite :


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