[ #MSIgnite ] Main Keynote by Satya Nadella – part 1

Waouh ! We had so much news and announcements in this keynote that I will probably forget some of them ! Sourire But let’s try to summarize and share the feeling.

This keynote was divided in four parts (of about 30 min each) :

1. Satya Nadella on mission and strategy image_thumb3
2. Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, on more Personal Computing (and Windows 10) image_thumb45
3. Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President, (with Julia White, General Manager) on how to reinvent productivity at work with Office 365 and Dynamics image_thumb46
4. Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, on building the intelligent Cloud (with Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President and Jeff Woolsey, Principal PM Manager)) image_thumb47

1°) Satya Nadella, on the mission and the strategy

  • Welcome
    • We felt it’s important to bring all the IT communities together: we are one community
    • IT is all about going to take this Technology and Innovation and to bridge it to true business transformation and success.
    • Microsoft transformation is going on and this gives momentum
    • Every business is a software company, a digital company
  • The mission: Empower
    • The mission of Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more
    • image_thumb48
    • This start by empowering IT Professionals
  • The landscape: Mobile first | Cloud First
    • Mobility is not the mobility of the device, it’s mobility of the experience.  Cloud enables it.image_thumb49image_thumb50
    • There is a proliferation of devices: there will be more devices than people on the planet.
    • image_thumb51
    • IT will help choosing the right Cloud service
    • The opportunity for IT is to drive Innovation and Transformation to the organisation
    • image_thumb52
    • image_thumb53
  • The strategy: it can be represented by three  ambitions :


    • Create more personal computing (Windows 10, Microsoft Surface Hub, Hololens are there)
    • image_thumb68
      • It’s very important to build trust inside of the OS
      • Windows 10 is not a new version it’s a new generation of Windows
      • Windows will be delivered as a service
      • Satya announce Windows Update for Business (to be detailed later).
    • Reinvent productivity & Business processes
    • image_thumb56
      • Users don’t want to have a separation on what they use at home, and what they use at work.
        • So only OneDrive is needed, the same for Skype
      • Everything we build, will be built for mobile
      • New categories of products like Sway, Power BI, Cortana,…
      • IT Pros will have to define and manager Compliance and Governance)
      • Announcements:
        • image_thumb57
    • Build the Intelligent Cloud
    • image_thumb58
      • This is the backend, which is needed to enable true mobility
      • You need the best tools
      • It’s also about unlocking big data
      • MS will give you the choice to deploy on-prem or in Azure.
      • Announcements:
        • image_thumb59
        • Windows Server & System Center 2016 in preview
        • SQL Server 2016, which will allow to stretch table to Azure
        • Azure pack, to run Azure in YOUR DC
        • Operations Management Suite
        • Advanced Threat Analytics
    • Industry Transformation
    • image_thumb60
      • Was illustrated by the Delphi, Fujitsu customer stories.
      • And then Real Madrid, its CIO Jose Angel Sanchez came on stage
      • image_thumb64image_thumb62image_thumb63
      • image_thumb65

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