[ #MSIgnite ][ #SharePoint2016 ] The Evolution of #SharePoint : Overview and Roadmap

We already knew that :

  • SharePoint 2016 will be available in Q2’2016 with
  • a public beta due in Q4’2015

but we were eagerly waiting to have more news on this future release !

Investment area

(from @kkhipple)


What we learned :

  • MS will focus on the core of SP going forward : files, content management, sites, portals
Whereas Office 365 will provide really new experiences, for examples :

  • Portals will evolve to Next-Gen Portals
  • Search will evolve to Delve
  • There will be several new options for hybrid  in 2016 and even more to come :
    • Improved OneDrive hybrid
    • OneDrive Hybird for SP2010
    • Hybrid Extranet
    • Hybrid teamsites (for 2013)
    • Hybrid Delve (v1)
    • Cloud(driven event picker
(from @williambaer)More on these in this  pre-Ignite announcement :
SharePoint Hybrid Announcements and Roadmap: The Big Vision of the Hybrid Future
(from @DanHolme)
  • A unified search index will make possible to mix results from on-premises and the Office 365 Cloud.
  • SP2016 content could be indexed by Delve
  • There will be a SP2013 update later this year to leverage Delve (and the Office Graph) in SharePoint On-Premises (new hybrid way)
(from @Delve)
  • There will be a new touch experience in SharePoint 2016 (for mobile and tablet)
(from @bniaulin)
  • Server roles will allow to install only the needed components
(from @shareptkarm)
  • Zero downtime updates will simplify SP management
  • SP2016 is at the hand of lab at Ignite ready to be tested

What was confirmed :

  • The cycle of major releases will still be 2-3 years, with interim Service packs
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(from @Office365Days)
  • There a renewed momentum on OneDrive for Business Hybrid, in order to put your personal files in the Cloud while still keeping your SharePoint on-premises.
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(from @kkhipple)
But Monday was a SharePoint 2016 sneak peak, we’ll have more to show on Wed. Check out this session > http://tinyurl.com/nfhj7ja . #SharePoint (from @williambaer)

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