[ #MSIgnite ] Reinventing Productivity with #Office365

This was the foundational session on Office 365, Day 1 at @MS_Ignite, with a flash back on what has happened over the past year and what to expect for the coming year.


Already on-line on Chanel 9 here :




The service is always evolving with monthly updates.  So the service will no longer be exactly the same as the server versions, which will have 3 years cycle of new versions, with intermediate service packs.

However, she restated “we are very committed to our server products”.

Office Graph can only be in the Cloud,


Here are the trends :


clip_image009 clip_image011

Main investment areas are:

  • The rise of dynamic teams (and beyond that you see the Office 365 Groups that are “essentials”)
  • Personalized insight (and beyond that you should understand Office Graph and Delve)

clip_image013 clip_image015

  • Demo 1:
    • Go deeper into Delve functionalities: groups, group hub (where the cards are grouped by type of documents),
    • Insertion of external users to Yammer conversations,
    • Sway: integrated in Office 365, it will be made available to Office 365 users)
    • Policy tip in Excel
    • Power BI

clip_image017 clip_image019

clip_image021 clip_image023


  • People Centric Compliance
  • Information protection
    • Customer control: identity, file, apps, device
    • Running the service: encryption, transparency, access control
      • We expect (in 2016) to be able to propose a Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) solution ( great #announcement )

clip_image027 clip_image029

  • Demo 2:  by Jeremy Chapman
    • Compliance Center
    • Reporting on users connections (via PowerBI – great stuff there)
    • Selective wipe for a device

clip_image031 clip_image033

clip_image035 clip_image037


Before After wipe
clip_image041 clip_image043


  • Office 365 extensibility

clip_image047 clip_image049

  • Demo 3 : Modern extensibility (Chris Johnson)
    • Same apps running on mobile and on PC
    • SAP, Uber and Do extensions to Office 365

clip_image051 clip_image053


  • Office 365 Scale


  • Getting to Office 365
    • Fast Track, Success Center, Public Roadmap, Tech network
  • Listening to your Feedback

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