[ #SharePoint2016 ] What’s new for ITPros ?

On Tuesday morning, I had the great chance to attend live one of the greatest session so far at MS Ignite: “What’s New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016”.


After the monday’s session on The Evolution of SharePoint : Overview and Roadmap, it was a largeley awaited session to know more technical stuff on SharePoint 2016.


So you can first go to my [ #MSIgnite ][ #SharePoint2016 ] The Evolution of #SharePoint : Overview and Roadmap report to get the high level, mostly non technical messages on SharePoint 2016.


Then you can also go to the very good report of the yesterday session, made by my fellow MVP Gokan Ozcifci :



Here are my thoughts and some key points.


As restated in this slide, and for the first time, SharePoint 2016 is fully based on the SharePoint  code base running in Office 365 (for the previous releases it was exactly the opposite). So this is a big shift toward the Cloud.

Microsoft get a ton of experiences operating SharePoint at scale in Office 365 so all this experience is now going back to the on-premises product.imageThere is no major changes on supported deployment scenarios.
We should note though the disparition of standalone deploiement which was not really “serious” in fact ! Clignement d'œilThe same shared services architecture is kept.imageAs far as upgrade is concerned, we should note that upgrade from SharePoint 2010 is not supported.

Beside the now well know detach-attach scenario for upgrade, you can also leverage the new migration API and Pipeline disclosed  this week (more on this later).

Third-party products will leverage this option.

The major introduction in this release will be the MinRole option allowing to clearly and easily dedicate a server in your farm to a specific role. This was possible before but you had to do it by hand. It will now be incorporated in the product at the installation level, in the Central Admin and in the Health Analyser too.

That’s a great way to optimize your farms !
The fix option in the “Servers in farm” view is really a great advance in terme of administration and configuration for SharePoint farms.imageimageHere is also the “specify server role” option in the SharePoint 2016 installerA specific attention was put on patching also and this is great because this later time CU (with all the language option in them) were bigger than the core product !

So MS is reducing the number of files drastically (following Baer count, from 18 to 1 and from 47 to 4)
to the SP2016 total of 2 MSI/MSP per patch and 1 per LP

But moreover they are now allowing in-place online installation. So build to build upgrade provide ZERO downtime.imageimageBoundaries and limits will be significantly incremanted in several important areas without at this time knowing to which level.New capabilities will improve the downloading and uploading performances.

Fast Site Creation will optimise site creation. image

User profile service and synchronization is improved and simplified.

This is an important point as this caused a lot fo rpoblms in the field.

  Then he prensented the new (very interesting) Telemtry option that will be available in SharePoint 2016.imageimageimage  A new service will pb provided that will allow to scan and crawl on-premises content to be included in the Office 365 index. Plus de détails sur ce point ici : Implementing Next Generation SharePoint Hybrid Search with the Cloud Search Service Application.imageimageWe will note at the end the  willing to facilitate the setup of a new  Extranet.
And also hybrid configuration. Understand scenario picker as an hybrid configuration assistant


As a conclusion, Bill restated that we are about 1 year before GA so a lot of things can still change.


We love all these new features and functionnalities. And we could really say now that SharePoint 2016 will benefit from the incredible experiences accumulated by running Office365 at scale.

Can’t wait to see more !


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