[ #Office365 ] NextGen Portals at MS Ignite, part 3 : what we learnt on Codename Infopedia

Third article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] NextGen Portals at MS Ignite :


What do we learn on Codename Infopedia at MS Ignite?

This is a future version (with no committed roadmap) or a vision of a new type of NextGen Portals.

image  image

There are, at least, three demos:

Don’t be fooled: this is “forward thinking” and a lot can change before availability in your tenant. There is no committed roadmap yet.

First it will be accessible via the main Office 365 menu and like video portal, there will be only one Infopedia per tenant:


It will allow you to provide a hub for all content resources in the company, like we can see on this screenshot:


It may even aggregate contents and sites from on premises SharePoint (in a hybrid way) as suggested below:


Here is how the main page may look like:


The content is at the same time well organized and personalized. Boards are clearly “branded” with the source (department or people) it comes from. You should notice here that there are 4 ways to see information:

  • All
  • Visited : where you already went
  • Favorites : you can favorites any board you like
  • Recommended : for me by ma company

The KM portal is conceived as a way to organize content in a more business centric way than it is with Delve. A big difference between both are that in KM someone has done a choice to publish content. And here is a quick comparison:



Office Graph is really at the heart of the personalization engine and brings great insights on the usage of your documents and videos.


The graph can be a great help also to propose related documents:


As a structured source of contents, a microsite embed naturally a content ….

Here is a sample of the search experience:


Here are the summary:




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