[ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite, part 1: the journey

First article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite:


This was certainly the hottest topic on Office 365 at MS Ignite 2015.

Delve was just everywhere. From mobile client apps to new NextGen Portals, Delve as the tip of the iceberg Office Graph appears increasingly as a backbone for every experience in Office 365. And this is not surprising when you consider that Delve and Office Graph are the worthy successors of Search. When one or two years ago, the mantra was to put search everywhere (it was the FAST prosperous period), now it’s Delve time ! Clignement d'œil


So understanding the vision and the roadmap for this part of Office 365 is crucial to understand a great part of the future evolution of Office 365.

1. Vision

The vision is clearly to extend Delve discovery capabilities beyond documents to people, groups of people and to the whole organization.

A new API is introduced to extend the out-of-box experience in two directions : new type of content (you will be able to surface for example your CRM content in Delve) and you will be able to design new client interface to surface information stored in the Office Graph.

A new hybrid service to implement on your on-premises farm will allow to gather on-premises content in the Graph, and to surface it in Delve (or any other tools of your own design).



The great new idea here is to make people more productive by helping people answer these to very common problematics:

  • How to find content through people
    • How can I get back to a document?
    • How can I stay informed?
  • how to find people through content
    • Who is this person?
    • Who can help me with this?


People are seen here as a powerful proxy to information:

image   image

And the following page (Activity and Profile page on Delve has “the potential to revolutionize the way you access information in Office 365” :


At a future step, this can also include “communications” like on this prototype:


Here is another sample showing integration of Delve with webmail in Office 365:


2. Roadmap

The new mobile app has just been released in several countries and accessible easily via the following URLs:

The content part include at this time :

  • SharePoint online content (Office documents – Word, PowerPoint, Excel – and PDFs)
  • OneDrive content (Office documents – Word, PowerPoint, Excel – and PDFs)
  • Mails attachments
  • Links to webpages in Yammer groups

A totally new hybrid way has been announced that will allow to put in the graph content coming from on-premises SharePoint farms. I will detail this on part 3 of this series.


At Build it was announced that a new API will allow to connect Delve to others external systems. In the sample, there were cards coming from Salesforce or Dynamics :


Carte Dynamics  Carrte Salesforce

There are basically two ways you can use the Graph API:

  • to enrich the content,
  • to query it


Beyond content, there are three main areas of extensions for Delve:

  • People
  • Groups
  • Organization




This later possibility being announced as a future without no date.

This gives us the following updated roadmap (be aware that this slide is mine NOT from MS):


3. More details on people experience

An update is currently deploying that will integrate the new Delve profile in the whole Office 365:

image image

The profile page will get a new design (including the blog which leverage NextGen portals):


It will then be able to praise directly on people profile page:


They will also introduce soon following of people:


It will also be possible soon to add someone to a board (via the + on the top right)



4. More details on groups experience:

Here are some sample of Office 365 groups surfaced in Delve (demo at 1:04’of this session).



5. Sample of organization experience:

There is a demo of a prototype of a personal health tracker for my work powered by Delve at 50’ of this session.


6. More on boards:

These are ideas in the pipeline ! Demo at 39’ of this session.

Boards appearing as a first class object (on the top right) in Delve or cards suggestions on the left


Changes to items on boards are ranked higher


The ultimate vision is to be able to add to a board anywhere in Office 365




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