[ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite, part 2: More on Delve, cards and the Graph

Second article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite:


1. More on Delve

In the session BRK1105 – Office Delve and Office Graph Vision and Roadmap, Ashok Kuppusamy and Cem Aykan gave a good description of the design principles that are followed for Delve:

  • Bring in one place the best (most relevant and important) content of the whole Office 365 suite
  • Be an intensively personalized experience. Delve is not a generic set of information. It’s highly tuned and tailored to you.
  • Content is really enriched visually via cards. And you automatically get insights on how your content is seen.
  • Delve never changes any permission on any content.
    • Others will never see documents they don’t have at least read rights on it.



2. More on Delve Mobile

The new Mobile app presents a familiar view really close to the browser version.

image IMG_2711IMG_2710

Only the 3 buttons:

  • Copy link
  • Share
  • Edit

are specific to the mobile version.

3. More on Cards

I have recently started to collect cards from Delve on Pinterest!

Follow Delve cards from Patrick on Pinterest.


4. More on Graph

It should not be forgotten that Delve is only the first experience powered by the Graph. There are others, at this time,

  • in this part of the Office 365 video portal:


  • in Outlook with the clutter option.

It can be seen as the brain of Office 365 as represented in this slide: Sourire


You have a nice definition of the Graph in session Building Solutions with Office Graph:

it’s an intelligent fabric that applies machine learning to match the connection between people, content and interactions all across Office 365.



Note here the 2 relationships that you can query:


But for an accurate documentation of the graph you should go here on the MSDN documentation. Go especially here: Available action types for a list of current Office graph edges and their descriptions.

Here are how the Office graph architecture is represented:

The architecture of Office graph: Entities that are available through O365 APIs such as People, File, Mail, and Calendar are fed to the Office graph for processing, resulting in relationships.

and here is concepts for Office graph’s future extensibility scenario :

The concepts for Office graph's future extensibility scenario. The developer uses an SDK and IDE to develop apps. These apps are deployed to App stores and/or consumers. The apps communicate with Office graph from any device via Office 365 using graph.microsoft.com to the Office graph API and finally to Office graph itself.

Session MVP Panel: Sample Apps and Intelligent Solutions Showcasing Office Graph and Delve Extensibility was dedicated to demonstrate Apps and Delve extensibility.



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