[ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite, part 4: what governance options?

Last article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] Delve news at MS Ignite :


There are not so much way to control how people can use Delve and the Graph. However it is expanding.

First you can activate or deactivate the Graph at the tenant level:


Note here that you don’t allow access to the Office Graph but you can’t stop the system to feed the graph.

Second you can also deactivate Delve at the user level:


But what I discovered at MS Ignite was that we can even hide documents from Delve (so it is at a document level):


The direct link to support is here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Manage-the-search-schema-in-SharePoint-Online-d4fab46d-ba41-4c03-9d4c-32b5b33198b6?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US#BKMK_HideFromDelveSteps

A cool thing to do is to define Delve as the start page when you sign in to office 365:



One great governance question is also when to use a board versus a team site or anything else?

  • A great thing about boards is that they are ad-hoc and can be used to share information across siloes.
  • But anyone can remove anything from a board.
  • There is no way to merge two boards with similar contents at this time

We have found some answers here (on [ #Office365 ] NextGen Portals at MS Ignite, part 4 : What governance for the new publishing features) to the similar question: when to use boards versus microsites. Boards are shared to everybody (with security trimming). They also lack any way to link them to Managed Metadata.



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