[ #Office365 ] Groups at MS Ignite, part 3: Yammer and groups!

Third article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] Groups at MS Ignite :


This was great news: It is cristal clear (for example at 12’ in this session) that Yammer will leverage the single definition of groups provided by Office 365 Groups.

This will allow to bring to Yammer tools is was lacking like calendar, or that was redundant with the rest of Office 365 offering like instant messaging (that will be replaced by Skype for Business).

So as described in the Yammer Roadmap session, the directions for Yammer are:

1 . New interface which has already been released in Production : image
2. Better integration with Office 365, especially with Azure AD (that’s where the Yammer and Groups stories meet them) or Delve  
3. Mobile focus image
4. The concepts of Yammer will be spread everywhere in Office 365, and especially in Groups. That is: dynamic teams, breaking the siloes, … image
5. The way Yammer is built is more and more the way Office 365 is built image

It is still unclear for observers like me whether Groups will dissolve or replace Yammer…

Here is my own slide on the roadmap:




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