[ #Office365 ] Groups at MS Ignite, part 4: What governance options ?

Last article from a series of 4 on [ #Office365 ] Groups at MS Ignite :


The way to think about Office 365 groups governance is not so easy because mainly Groups aggregate several tools and each tool can be used similarly to others tools of the suite that might seem to be competitive.

For example, you can ask which tool to use:

  • file storage of the groups against OneDrive,
  • groups calendars versus outlook or SharePoint calendars,
  • groups conversations versus Yammer conversations
  • groups notebooks versus SharePoint stored or OneDrive stored notebooks.

Here is some tips for storage:


Richard Harbridge, Kanwal Khipple did a great job in their session by explaining this is not a one versus the other choice:


but rather a matter if choosing the correct set of tools:


Another important point is to notice that the answer is not the same at each level of the organization, and that even when the tool is chosen, feature understanding can be necessary.

They also updated a little bit the famous Office 365 Usage Matrix (coming from SPC264) and showed clearly that this are evolving choices:


On a joint whitepaper (which can be found at WhenToUseWhat.com), they even provide a matrix of recommended tools in 13 common scenarios:


There are also some interesting features around administration to notice to get a good governance of Groups.

How to apply a group naming policy was demoed at 49’ in this session:


And we can also define a policy restricting groups creation to a set of users. Here are the resulting screen shots:




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