[ #Office365 ] Power BI 2.0, part 4: more on mobile apps

Fourth article from a series on [ #Office365 ] Power BI 2.0 :

  1. The big picture (updated with GA infos)


As the architecture detailed in the second post of this series shows it, the mobile apps allowing to access Power BI for anywhere, on any device at any time are the fundamental target of the architecture.

So, you can consume Power BI visualization from several apps. However, they are not all made equal between each other ! So here is a quick summary of the different capabilities of each.


Here are a detailed review of these apps.

1. The Windows 8 app



Here are the tools to annotate and comment a tile:

imageimage image

2. The iPad app

The iPad app has the same set of features as the Windows 8 app plus the capability to select a tile as a favorite and to add it a customized favorites dashboard.


The other features are very similar to the Windows 8 ones:


with the following tools :



3. The iPhone app

With iPhone app you will not have the ability to annotate dashboards, nor to access reports. However you can define alerts on card tiles:

IMG_3515 2IMG_3516

For the other features, it’s very similar to iPad version:


4. The Android phone app

Please note that at this time there is no Android tablets support (and even Galaxy S3 is not supported):


Features set is identical to the iPhone version, and except a little bug which doesn’t allow you to scroll on the right of the screen, it’s very similar.


To conclude all these features are compared to the browser version:



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