[ #Office365 ] What’s new for IT Pros in 2015 and beyond, part 3: Data protection and control

Third article from a series on news on [ #Office365 ] Administration:

  • Data protection and privacy is a major topic to give customers confidence on the service.

    In the near future, the following features will be added to Office 365:

  • Equvio Zoom
  • Data Loss Prevention policies
  • Compliance Search
  • SharePoint Online external sharing warnings
  • New IT management to OneDrive for Business
  • New migration API
  • BYOK – Bring Your Own Keys

    1. Equivio Zoom

    Equivio Zoom will be integrated to Office 365 before the end of 2015. It will help analyze eDiscoveries data and help identify the most relevant documents.

    Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom 3

    In addition to enabling to analyze Office 365 data, we will have the ability to send data to Equivio Zoom from Exchange Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises environments, before the end of calendar year 2015.

    To learn more about this technology, you can watch the eDiscovery Redefined: Real Time and In-Place session from Ignite conference. The Equivio-specific content, including a demo, begins at the 36:50 mark in the recording.

    2. Data Loss Prevention policies

    New capabilities of the Compliance Center are demonstrated here:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) at 21:20


    3. Compliance Search

    This was added on June 2015 as a new way to do quick searches across content in Office 365.  Compliance Search lets:

  • Search all your Office 365 data (mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, and OneDrive for Business locations) without limits on number of mailboxes or documents
  • Use Keyword Query Language for advanced search
  • Preview search results with hit highlighting
  • Use fine-grained permissions to control what can be searched

    The full documentation is available here: Compliance Search in the Office 365 Compliance Center

    Creating a new Compliance Search


    4. SharePoint Online external sharing warnings

    A new functionality is also coming to SharePoint Online, which will allow to warn users for external sharing.

    It is demonstrated at 1:09:20 here:




    5. New IT management to OneDrive for Business

    The following options have been added on July 17th, 2015 to OneDrive For Business administration:

  • Limiting file sync to domain joined PCs
  • Auditing all actions taken against OneDrive for Business files
  • Managing mobile devices connecting to OneDrive for Business data
  • Setting storage quotas in OneDrive for Business
  • Preventing unintentional sharing to “Everyone” or “All Users” in OneDrive for Business


    To know more about this you  can go here: New IT management controls added to OneDrive for Business or see the following Office Mechanics video:


    6. New migration API

  • It has been introduced and fully described at 12:26 of Migration to SharePoint Online Best Practices and New API Investments




    The speed of the new API is dependent of the type of content but a 5x speed can be expected. Multiple GB/hour have been seen! Sourire

    New PowerShell cmdlets are also provided (fully documented here (Use Windows PowerShell cmdlets for SPO Migration Public Preview):)


    AvePoint, Metalogix, Metavis, Sharegate are integrating the use of the API into their products.

  • [Updated on July 23th, 2015]

    7. Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK)

    As announced at MS Ignite by Julie White the possibility for customers to use their own keys, so called “Bring Your Own Keys” (BYOK) to crypt Office 365 files and data may come in the future. However this will not come before 2016  


  • Migration to SharePoint Online Best Practices and New API Investments
  • Speakers: Simon Bourdages, Michael Jordan, Joe Newell
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