The UNOFFICIAL Office 365 roadmap – From MS Ignite 2015 to MS Ignite 2016

Before MS Ignite, I described in this post: [ #SharePoint 2016 ] [ #Office365 ] yOS platform new birth at MS Ignite! what Microsoft announced as evolutions around Office 365 and SharePoint.



Since MS Ignite 2015  I took a significant amount of my time trying to understand, test, gather information and appropriate myself the great number of news published around Office 365 and the evolution of the platform announced there. I consider it as an integral part of my job as an Enterprise Solutions Architect advising everyday my customers on what to use in the platform and for what purpose to help them build their own business on it. It took me time so I think that a lot of people for which it’s not the main job or occupation just will don’t do it, so it’s my pleasure to share here the results of this work in a form of a consolidated, UNOFFICIAL, however almost global roadmap of Office 365 for the year to come.

Here is the main deck:


But this slide deck is really the synthesis of a lot more information that I have detailed in not less than 24 posts.Sourire

This content can be schematized around the following topics:


So you will find here detailed infos on:



4 articles on Delve and Office Graph





Hope you will find it useful! Sourire And see you at MS Ignite 2016!



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