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Several weeks after this great conference, I wanted here to share some great feedbacks about this conference.

As presented here #Collab365 24 hours online conference!, the conference was a HUGE ONLINE event that took place on October 7th and 8th.

It was a tremendous success followed by 4508 registered attendees, coming from 110 countries. They were able to see live or recorded since that time 155 sessions on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. You can see  here a full summary of the collected statistics.


The event was really at the level of this amazing trailer:


Provided you are registered and signed in the site, you can access on demand to all that great content produced by some of the best speakers.

Here is a custom list of all the sessions available (direct links to sessions rooms are on the right):


As far as I am concerned, I had the great chance to participate to the whole organization and especially to manage the French track with this incredible global team:


I also presented one session in English with Gokan Ozcifci : Real world scenarios to migrate to SharePoint 2016 or Office 365

and three other sessions in French (all the details in French here).


So I am sure you will find there a lot of great sessions and great content.

And last but not least, if you enjoyed this great event, you will be able to follow a great new one by the same team in May:

12348173_10153130548650933_3819379431796866613_n (1)

Collab365 Summit 2016 which is scheduled to take place on 10th-12th May 2016. The conference will be a fine blend of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure (amongst others). Each day will be headlined with Keynote’s delivered by Product Managers live from Redmond. Here’s some details :

  • May 10 : IT Pro Day (Keynote : Bill Baer, Microsoft) – SharePoint, O365, Azure + Live Show.
  • May 11 : Developer Day (Keynote : Jeremy Thake & Sonya Koptyev, Microsoft) – SharePoint, O365, Azure + Live Show.
  • May 12 : Business and End-User Day (Keynote : Mark Kashman, Microsoft) – SharePoint, O365, Case Studies + Live Show.
More here.

See you there !




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