[ #Office365 #SharePoint ] The new landscape for end-users, part 2: Modern lists, SharePoint Mobile app and more…

Fifth article from a series on [ #Office365 #SharePoint ] The new landscape

  1. The new landscape for power users
  2. The new landscape for developers and IT Pros

As seen in the previous post, SharePoint had a highly refreshed end-user experience in Office 365. After describing the modern libraries, here is the modern list.

1. SharePoint modern list

With the modern list, we get a new user interface for lists, similar to modern libraries. Moreover Microsoft clearly stated that they have no plans to remove classic mode anytime soon. You can always switch the default experience for lists or document libraries from new or classic.


Moder UI has replaced ribbon with a command bar, with different options when no, one or more items are selected:




This new list is integrated with PowerApps (the InfoPath replacement tool that is to say a tool to easily create forms to modify content.



However, this option was not working yet in my demo tenant.

It also embarks access to Flow (the workflow replacement tool) ad you can easily associate a flow to a list.



All these new capabilities are great. You can access the new UI by adding:

  • &TryNewExperience=true at the end of a list URL with other query string parameters
  • ?TryNewExperience=true at the end of a list URL with no other query string

The full documentation on modern lists is here: What is a list in SharePoint Online?

2. New SharePoint mobile app

SharePoint mobile app was one of the longest awaited app. It can be used to connect to both SharePoint online and SharePoint on premises.


We first see a list of sites then two particular site, then the typical Document library of Sales and Marketing site.


Eventually we can access the profile page for one particular person and the latest files he/she is working on.

3. New SharePoint home page

There is also a new home page for SharePoint in Office 365. It allows to easily go back to frequent sites:


We can also go to following sites, recent sites and featured links. It is powered by Microsoft Graph.

4. New SharePoint Content page

When you go to SharePoint content page, you get access to



So SharePoint had a great user interface refresh. But other tools were added like

  • Wunderlist the tool to manage your todo list

As far as Yammer is concerned, a lot of interrogations come from the fact that Microsoft closed the 85000+ Yammer network used to support the whole community.

It has been replaced by the new Office 365 Network. To better understand the future of Yammer, we should for sure wait for announcement that could be made at MS Ignite.

imageimage image


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