[ TechEd Europe 2014 ] Listening notes for OFC-B330 – Mobile Device Management Office 365

The recordings of TechED Europe 2014 sessions are online here at Channel 9. There are full of great content and informations.

As announced on [ TechEd Europe 2014 ] Listening notes for OFC-B212 – Collaborating in the Cloud and across Devices with Office 365, new Office Mobile Apps managed by Intune can be expected by Q1 2015

So here follow my listening notes from the session describing new Mobile Device Management for Office 365.

0:00 Presentation Presented by :

  • Sara Manning Dawson, Lead PM O365 Information Protection team
  • Bryan Keller, Lead PM, Microsoft Intune
As BYOD is more and more adopted by businesses, a new approach for MDM is needed.
Exchange ActiveSync is there but limited to Exchange and do not support selective wipe.
1:30 image
50% of employers by 2017 will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes
90% of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support in 2017
93% of employees admit to violating information security polices
80% of employees admit using non-approved software-as-a –service applications in their jobs
8:43  image
Announce of the availabilty for Q1’2015 of a new service completely integrated with Office 365 : MDM for Office 365It will be activated via Office 365 admin portal. You will get access to a new Office 365 compliance console. There you will be able to define policies. They apply to a group (from one people to the whole company) and can be used to define life cycle policies :

  1. conditional access (at authentication time)
  2. device controls (during normal usage)and then
  3. selective  wipe (a “wonderful” progression from previous ActiveSync capabilites) for only professional apps (those managed by InTune)

This relies on Azure AD for the back-end. There will be a MDM software that will run on the device.

Intune extension is available to get even more feature (see below).

17:45 an highlight of policy management
50 device policies, some of them are available only by PowerShell
Integrated reports on compliance and mobile usage (with API support)
19:40 image
Organization wide settings to handle unsupported devices.
We can exclude devices from access control.
21:09  image
Device enrollment is needed before accessing Office 365 app.
21:50 image The IT can wipe Office 365 data only.
23:43 image
Halloween Quiz
25:36 Demo imageimage
The new compliance center :
image image
Admin can enforce, for example, non jail broken devices :
Access can be allowed (with violation report) or blocked
image image image
image image image
All Office 365 apps are concerned :

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Outlook Web Access
  • OneDrive for Business
31:01 Intune role
image image image image
image image image image
Integration with native email client on every supported device.
image image image image
image image image image
37:50 Architecture overview What is going on behind the scene
Azure AD is the key to link device and user.
39:30 Details on authentication process image
Done for every Office apps via AD Authentication Library (ADAL)
40:40 2nd flow for mail clients image
42:50 More with full Intune image
Complete application mangement
Advanced securityimage image
46:29 Demo Intune Admins and Managed Apps
image image
Priority on iOS and Android.
For Windows Phone, the best tool is Configuration Manager.
App with no paste option
Pin protected App
55:31 Reference  image
App policy on Windows Phone will come later than first release in Q1’2015
image  image

So great new functonnalities are coming very soon for Mobile devices on Office 365 : stay tuned !

More on this subject can be found at :


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