Cards are everywhere !

Delve (I first reviewed here) has seen the introduction of cards in Office 365 :

image            image202[1]

but definitly cards are becoming the biggest trend in UI. They are an easy and graphical way to present information in this time of Information overload.

Moreover they provide a naturally easy way to mobilize any display.

But let’s give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, Pinterest is THE social network dedicated to pins and cards. You can there collect either images published on a specific URL or upload your own images. You can then classifiy them by boards and follow other publication. You can find more here :

As far as I am concerned I started a while ago to pin the most interesting articles on Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint and a little bit more on my page here :


You will be able to find visually (that’s where cards are really great) a lot of information scattered in the whole Microsoft documentation, multitude of blogs and elsewhere !

Seing the success of Pinterest (and the interests of cards) other sites came more or less by adding cards to their interfaces :

Twitter is already based on cards and recently added a new “Photos & Videos” panel LinkedIn created a view for its groups



SlideShare is going to cards : Facebook is already on cards :
image image

Even Yammer in it’s recent update proposed a more card oriented interface :


If you want to go deeper on this subject, you can have a look at this good post :


So my message here is simple : cards are cool and you can expect to get them more and more on Office 365 and elsewhere in the Internet !

Learn how to use and harnness them as you will have to live with them !


A version of this post in french is available here : Les cartes sont partout ! Flag_of_France


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